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Whether you're an author, a business person, or someone who just needs an experienced eye to review your work, Written Image delivers with professional reliability. Take confidence in writing that will effectively communicate your ideas, and editing that will provide quality control.

To begin working with me, simply send an email message via any of the "Contact Us" buttons like the one below, and briefly describe your project, and the service or services you're interested in, and I'll send you a quote.

If you don't see the service you require listed on this website, send a brief email about what you need & I'll reply ASAP. No project is too small -- Let's make it happen!

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Requires 50% down upfront and 50% upon delivery. All projects under $65 require 100% upfront payment. Funds must clear before a project can begin. Written Image Press is a subsidiary of Personal Growth Services, LLC and transaction receipts will reflect payment to Personal Growth Services LLC.  All rates are USD.
Methods of Payment

Rates are noted at the bottom of each service description. Manuscript Editing rates are based on an industry standard of approximately 250 words per double spaced manuscript page. Depending on their length, manuscript projects my take up to 3 weeks to complete. Please expect to add a minimum of 25% to rush jobs.


A service contract must be signed by both parties before any project begins. This ensures that we both agree on the scope of work, terms of payment, and deadline.


Manuscript Services

 First Chapter Critique

This chapter overview in letter form will provide essential feedback on the most important part of your manuscript and the best opportunity to hook your readers. Some items on my checklist for fiction: Is it bogged down with extraneous setting detail? Have you chosen an effective POV? For a work of nonfiction: Does your memoir open with a compelling memory? Is your how-to book immediately engaging and easy to follow?

Rate: $60 (up to 6000 words)

 Manuscript Critique

If you are unsure of where your manuscript is in the process, or you're ready for an objective perspective, this broad analysis in letter form will provide you with clear feedback on your work. My approach is to read through the manuscript and outline discussion items before writing the critique draft. I then reread a second time to reconsider noted items and pick up on any issues I may have overlooked.

The overview will include constructive criticism and revision suggestions about the basic elements of your manuscript, as well as acknowledging where and how your writing is on point. In fiction, elements in this overview include plot and pacing, narrative flow, character development, and dialogue.  With a nonfiction project, some points of focus are the organization and presentation of ideas, the narrative voice, and any concepts where expansion is necessary for clarity. 

Rate: 1.4 cents per word / $420 minimum

This service is a combination of a Manuscript Critique and a Line Edit. Pricing reflects the benefit of a simultaneous purchase.

Rate: 3.9 cents per word

Full Edit
  Book Synopsis

Authors are typically required to provide agents and publishers with a synopsis of their book. It's more than a plot summary, and it shouldn't be the book jacket sales pitch or a query letter. An effective synopsis must convey the palpable pizazz in your prose that convinces an agent to take you on as a client in one or two pages.

Rate: $150

Where a manuscript critique may be considered a macro analysis, a line edit focuses on the micro level of sentences and paragraphs. It identifies extraneous wording, redundancies, and tonal inconsistencies. It also examines transitions and writing style, and suggests revisions where necessary. The line edit pinpoints where showing vs telling works best, and vice versa.

After reading the electronic manuscript through once, I reread the printed copy, making any suggested corrections on the page & comments in the margins. These are then transferred onto the electronic version via Track Changes, allowing for a third opportunity to review your work. Any comments or extensive notes that cannot be included into the Track Changes editing will be delivered in a separate MS Word document.

Rate: 2.7 cents per word

Line Edit
Copy Edit

A copyedit is typically performed on a manuscript during the final draft phase after all structural revisions and developmental tweaks have been made. The focus is spelling, usage, punctuation, grammar, syntax, typos, technical inconsistencies, basic fact checking, and to ensure a sensible chronology of information.

Rate: 2.3 cents per word


Prior to publishing your manuscript, proofreading is the final step in the writing process. A print-ready copy is comparatively edited side-by-side with the most recent draft to ensure that all changes have been incorporated, and to identify any issues of spacing, layout, font, etc. Without the use of a previous draft, this service is known as a cold or editorial proof. 

Rate: 1 cent per word

  Blurb Writing

Authors can increase sales with an alluring and punchy description for their book. Just the right amount of plot & main character intrigue will be the perfect tease.

Rate: $105


Business Services


Digitize your important papers via transcription to make old documents legible, give them a more professional appearance, and allow them to be edited for any future changes. Having your documents in digital format also allows you to share them via email or post them to your website. Choose from PDF or Word format. Some items to consider digitizing:

- rental agreements

- leases

- service contracts

- business forms

- genealogical documents

Rate: $7.50 per page. $50 Minimum.

Tailored Business Forms

If the online or big-box standard business forms don't meet your company's needs, or they need to be edited to suit your situation, Written Image will consult with you to create tailored solutions and professional forms. Some examples include:

- policy & procedure manual

- employee handbook

- company newsletters

- office signage

- customer correspondence

- advertising copy

- brochure

Rate: $5.50 per page. $50 Minimum.

Blog & Website Editing

Everyone has experienced online content that slips out of tense, uses incorrect terms, is misspelled, or doesn't otherwise follow standard English. It's regarded as amateurish at best and dubious information at worst. Maintain high standards of web content with flawless copy. When it's your online reputation, don't skimp on the editing!

Rate:  8 cents per word. $50 minimum and by contract

Stand out with a well-organized resume that displays your assets and necessary qualifications precisely. It's a good idea to update your resume on a regular basis. Many job seekers today possess many skills, and choose to maintain a general resume and a specific resume to cover all of their employment bases.

Rate:  $50 (1-2 pages)

Cover Letters

A tailored cover letter appeals to any prospective employer and introduces you as a professional during that all-important first impression.

Rate:  $50


Writing & Research Services

Ghost Writing

Whether it's web content, a magazine article, a personal memoir, or anything in between, the creative and professional touch you require for that writing project is only a click away here at The Written Image.

Rate: 25 cents per word or by contract

Research Services

If your book, academic endeavor or any other area of interest requires research, the services provided by The Written Image will strive to thoroughly fulfill your specifications and exceed your expectations.

Rate: $40 per hour plus applicable fees

Family History

A great gift for those who'll follow & a lasting tribute to your entire family, this service utilizes all written information and genealogies, as well as personal interviews (if possible) to compile your family's genealogical story in narrative form.

Contract Only - Rates dependent upon history length & extent of included members, current availability of genealogical resources, final product presentation, and deadline requirements.


Publishing Services

    eBook Set Up

For your Microsoft Word manuscript that's ready to publish as an eBook, this service is mobi (kindle) & EPUB dual formatting  

Rate: $150 for up to 75,000 words


Interested in publishing your work with Written Image? Let's discuss your vision and explore the options for your project.

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