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Written Image Press is a subsidiary of Personal Growth Services, LLC

Editing for Business

A professional presentation for your customers


Thank you for the editing and all the support. We look forward to working

with you again.

Steven & Catherine Martin, authors
Talk to Me 

Miss Susan did an excellent job of

updating my rental leases and transferring them to digital.

Paul J. Lakeman,

Small Business Owner

Susan Blackley...was kind and insightful enough to help me with the editing process. Her patience with my slow progress over the years is greatly appreciated, and her expertise was incomparably valuable.

Mario Giancola, author

The Bridge to the Rainbow



In order to provide you with a quote, please give a brief description of your project, and what service(s) you're interested in. If it's a manuscript, please specify the genre, and word count.

Note to job seekers: Written Image Press is not hiring at this time. Because each project is solely edited by Susan Blackley, consistency and quality are guaranteed.

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I'm Susan Blackley, owner of Written Image Press. 

If you have a manuscript, business forms, academic project or web content that requires an objective eye, I can ably assist you in ensuring the clarity of

your message for your audience. No project is too small.

Need an eBook set up for online publishing? Do you want your family's story & genealogy put into narrative form? 

I can work with you online, via phone, Skype, FaceTime, or in 

person if you're in the Buffalo, NY area.

Since 1998, I've worked with 

authors of both fiction and nonfiction, poetry, textbooks, memoirs, self-help & DIY books, and academic papers.

I hold a BA in English and an MS in Education, and have had the honor of teaching in public schools and at the college level. In addition, I've worked as a sales & marketing rep, small business manager, corporate trainer, fundraiser, tavern owner and, of course, I've worked in retail.